Basketball Hoop Game


A fun basketball shooting game. 9 different balls, 9 different fire effects, 6 different backgrounds. You need to increase the highest score to get other balls and other fire effects. Which ball can be taken with the highest score can be changed from the game codes. You need to shoot a basket with 3 lives. You earn 5 extra points for every first basket. If the ball goes under the hoop, you lose an additional 5 points each time. You earn extra points every time the ball hits the surrounding walls. If a basket is made in the first life, these points are multiplied by 3. If the second life gets a basket, these points are multiplied by 2. If the third life gets a basket, these points are multiplied by 1. So in this game, it is not important to shoot a basket without holes. The important thing is to score a basket in one go and to hit the ball to the sides a lot. There are banner ads, interstitials and rewarded ads in the game. An interstitial pops up in both games. This setting can be edited in game codes. When you run out of lives, you can continue where you left off by watching the video.

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