Stop Spammer-Fake Registrations For PlaytTube


Stop Spammer-Fake Registrations is Addon For Playtube v2.2.8 and above.Spammer or fake user can use ‘Temporary Email ID’ or ‘Disposable Email ID’ to bypass the Email verification process.Now you can use this addon to protect your website from fake registration.For eg:they use proxy servers and to flood your website with unverified accounts,Or they use proxy servers,dynamic ip address to create fake verified accounts on your website which create headaches for admins/moderators.Please watch screenshots and Video for more details.


  • Stop Spammer/fake user Registrations.
  • Show warning message to spammer or unauthorized user.
  • Allow only authorized user to create account.
  • Allow you to create secure closed private network only for authorized users.
  • Less headaches for admins.
  • Well documentation added.
  • All Versions Supported.

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