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Webster is a chatGPT Clone and Google Clone Website. Which includes features like Q&A, Grammar correction, Summarizing for a 2nd grader, Natural Language to OpenAI API, Text to command, English to other languages, Natural Language to Stripe API, SQL translate, Parse unstructured data, Classification, Python to Natural Language, Movie to Emoji, Calculate Time Complexity, Translate programming languages, Advanced tweet classifier, Explain code, Keywords, Factual answering, Ad from product description, Product name generator, TL;DR summarization, Python bug fixer, Spreadsheet creator, JavaScript helper chatbot, ML/AI Language model tutor, Science fiction book list maker. This webster can undertand 50+ langugaes in user can ask, this also have voice reply in 50+ langugaes & speech to text in 50+ langugaes with day and night mode. For more info about the app scroll down.

Application Features


  • Q&A: Webster is capable of answering questions based on its existing knowledge.
  • Grammar correction: Webster can help you improve your writing by correcting grammatical errors in your sentences and making them standard English.
  • Summarizing for a 2nd grader: With this feature, Webster can translate difficult text into simpler concepts, making it more accessible for children.
  • Natural Language to OpenAI API: This feature allows users to create code to call to the OpenAI API using natural language instructions, making it more accessible for non-technical users.
  • Text to command: With this feature, users can translate text into programmatic commands, which can be executed by a computer.
  • English to other languages: The website allows users to translate English text into French, Spanish, and Japanese.
  • Natural Language to Stripe API: With this feature, users can create code to call the Stripe API using natural language, making it more accessible for non-technical users.
  • SQL translate: This feature allows users to translate natural language to SQL queries, making it easier to interact with databases.
  • Parse unstructured data: With this feature, users can create tables from long-form text, making it easier to analyze and understand.
  • Classification: The website can classify items into categories via example, making it easier to organize and understand large datasets.
  • Python to Natural Language: This feature allows users to explain a piece of Python code in human-understandable language.
  • Movie to Emoji: This feature can convert movie titles into emojis, adding a fun touch to your conversation.
  • Calculate Time Complexity: With this feature, users can find the time complexity of a function, making it easier to understand the efficiency of a piece of code.
  • Translate programming languages: This feature allows users to translate from one programming language to another.
  • Advanced tweet classifier: With this feature, users can perform advanced sentiment detection for a piece of text.
  • Explain code: This feature allows users to understand a complicated piece of code by breaking it down into simpler concepts.
  • Keywords: The website can extract keywords from a block of text, making it easier to understand the main ideas.
  • Factual answering: By showing it how to respond to questions that fall outside its knowledge base, the model can guide to a factual answering.
  • Ad from product description: With this feature, users can turn a product description into ad copy, making it more appealing to potential buyers.
  • Product name generator: This feature can create product names from examples words, influenced by a community prompt.
  • TL;DR summarization: The website can summarize text by adding a ‘tl;dr:’ to the end of a text passage, making it easier to understand the main ideas.
  • Python bug fixer: This feature allows users to find and fix bugs in source code, making it more efficient.
  • Spreadsheet creator: The website can create spreadsheets of various kinds of data, making it more versatile.
  • JavaScript helper chatbot: This feature allows users to get answers to JavaScript questions through a message-style bot.
  • ML/AI Language model tutor: The website can answer questions about language models, making it easier to understand and work with them.
  • Science fiction book list maker: This feature allows users to create a list of items for a given topic, such as a list of recommended science fiction books.
  • Tweet classifier: This feature allows for basic sentiment detection for a piece of text, analyzing whether the overall sentiment of the text is positive or negative.
  • Airport code extractor: The website can extract airport codes from text, making it easier to plan travel itineraries.
  • SQL request: This feature allows users to create simple SQL queries, making it easier to interact with databases.
  • Extract contact information: This feature allows users to extract contact information from a block of text, such as phone numbers or email addresses.
  • JavaScript to Python: his feature allows users to convert simple JavaScript expressions into Python, making it easier for developers to work with multiple programming languages.
  • Friend chat: This feature allows users to emulate a text message conversation, adding a fun and interactive element to the website.
  • Mood to color: This feature can turn a text description of a mood into a corresponding color, adding a creative touch to your conversation.
  • Write a Python docstring: This feature allows users to create a docstring for a given Python function, making the code more readable for others.
  • Analogy maker: This feature allows users to create analogies, making it easier to understand and explain complex ideas.
  • JavaScript one-line function: This feature allows users to turn a JavaScript function into a one-liner, making the code more compact and efficient.
  • Micro horror story creator: This feature can create two to three sentence short horror stories from a topic input, adding a touch of spooky fun to the website.
  • Third-person converter: This feature can convert text written in first-person POV to the third-person, making the writing more formal and objective.
  • Notes to summary: This feature can turn meeting notes into a summary, making it easier to understand the main points discussed.
  • VR fitness idea generator: This feature can create ideas for fitness and virtual reality games, making it more fun and engaging.
  • Essay Outline: The website can generate an outline for a research topic, making it easier for students to organize their thoughts.
  • Recipe creator: The website can create a recipe from a list of ingredients, making it easy for users to come up with new meal ideas.
  • Chat: This feature allows users to have an open-ended conversation with an AI assistant, adding a human-like touch to the website.
  • Marv the sarcastic chatbot: This feature is a factual chatbot that is also sarcastic, adding a touch of humor to the website.
  • Turn by turn directions: This feature can convert natural language to turn-by-turn directions, making it easy for users to navigate.
  • Restaurant review creator: This feature can turn a few words into a restaurant review, providing users with an easy way to express their thoughts about a certain place.
  • Create study notes: This feature provides a user a topic, and get study notes, making it easy for students to keep track of important information.
  • Interview question generator: This feature can generate interview questions for a given topic, making it easier for users to prepare for job interviews.

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