Submerged is a 3D submarine game that immerses players in an undersea adventure. With its retro 16-bit aesthetic and pixel art graphics, the game is a throwback to classic gaming. In the game, players must navigate through 10 challenging levels, each with its own unique obstacles and hazards.

As they explore the depths of the ocean, players must be careful to avoid spikes, walls, and other hazards that threaten to damage their submarine. In addition, players must also watch out for fish that swim in their path, as collisions with these creatures can also cause damage.

To successfully complete each level, players must carefully maneuver their submarine through the hazards.


  • Mobile and Keyboard controls
  • AdMob Ads Supported in Construct 3 (NOT INCLUDED on source-code)
  • Including Construct 3 file (.c3p and all the source)
  • Easy to Reskin / add / replace images
  • Documentation

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