Premium Game – Rotate Puzzle Game – HTML5,Construct3


Jigsaw Rotate is a puzzle game where players must rearrange pieces to form a complete picture. This game offers three different levels of difficulty: 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5,6×6.

In each level, the puzzle is made up of a grid of square pieces. The player must rotate each piece to find the correct orientation and then move them around to form the picture. The puzzle is considered solved when all pieces are correctly placed.

The 3×3 puzzle offers a simple and quick challenge, while the 4×4 and 5×5 puzzles offer a more complex and challenging experience. Players can choose their preferred level of difficulty based on their skill level and preference.

Jigsaw Rotate is a great game for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. It offers a fun and engaging way to improve spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills. With its simple controls and intuitive gameplay, players can quickly become immersed in the puzzle-solving experience.


  • Source file (HTML5,c3p)
  • 720×1080px
  • Cross-platform
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Full features
  • Power up, more time,more moves.
  • Clean layout

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