Order on WhatsApp for WooCommerce 2.8


With this plugins you can create a custom message for redirect your customer to WhatsApp after checkout with all order data.


  • Auto redirect after Checkout – After the checkout, the customer will be redirected to WhatsApp with custom message and all order data.
  • Custom Message with tokens – Customize the message that will be send with tokens to get order data.
  • Elementor Widget – You can add the button on any pages and select which product to get info.
  • Button in Product Page – Add the button in your Product Page, and customize all the options.
  • Button in Cart Page – Add the button in your Cart Page, and send all the itens for your WhatsApp.
  • Hide Price in Product Page – Hide the Product Price in Product Page.
  • Hide Add to Cart – Hide Add to Cart button in Product Page.
  • Hide button on desktop – Hide the WhatsApp button just on desktop.
  • And more!

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