B2BKing: B2B and Wholesale for WCFM MultiVendor Marketplace (Add-on) 1.0.67


B2BKing for WCFM will transform your WCFM marketplace into a Wholesale / B2B MultiVendor Marketplace, and allow your vendors to setup wholesale prices, product visibility, price tiers, price tables, bulk discounts, minimum orders, messaging, offers, and much more! It brings the full power and features of B2BKing to your store.


✔ All B2BKing Features (B2BKing must be purchased separately) — B2B Groups, Tax Exemptions, Price display with/without VAT, wholesale order form, guest access restriction, subaccounts, and much more.

✔ Wholesale Registration for Customers

  • Create custom registration fields and collect any data
  • Collect and validate VAT Number through automatic VIES validation
  • Edit and manage customer data
  • Multiple registration roles

✔ Wholesale Prices for Vendors

  • Allow vendors to set wholesale prices
  • Allow vendors to set price tiers (quantity range and price)
  • Different prices for the same item for different users/groups

✔ Tiered Pricing Table

  • Allows vendors to enable a tiered pricing table for their own products
  • Unique tables for each product and for each variation in case of variable products
  • Pricing table is automatically generated from price tiers that vendors set

✔ Custom Information Table

  • Allow vendors to set a custom information table with any information they want to display: e.g. minimum order, free shipping conditions, etc.

✔ Product Visibility

  • Product visibility panel for vendors: vendors can choose which customers or groups can view each product

✔ Messaging and Conversations

  • Messaging panel added to vendor dashboard. Wholesale customers can message with vendors
  • Email notifications for new messages to vendors and customers
  • Customers can send and view messages in their my account dashboard

✔ Quote Requests

  • Vendors can receive and respond to quote requests
  • Quote Requests appear as messages and allow negotiation

✔ Offers (Product Bundles)

  • Offers panel added to vendor dashboard
  • Vendors can create offers (product bundles) and set special prices for items
  • Offer visibility: vendors can make these offers available to specific groups or even specific users
  • Through quote requests, messaging, negotiation and offers, this addon allows for communication and flexibility in the sales process

✔ Dynamic Rules

  • Dynamic rules panel in vendors dashboard
  • Vendors can set discount amount and percentage for products
  • Vendors can set free shipping with conditions for products
  • Vendors can set hidden price for certain products
  • Vendors can set fixed price under certain conditions
  • Vendors can set minimum and maximum order rules
  • Vendors can set required multiples (e.g. increments of 5, 6, 20) for purchase

B2BKing for WCFM Screenshots

  • Messaging panel where the vendor can receive quote requests and other inquiries. The vendor can communicate with customers, as well as send offers in response to quote requests. Highlighted you can see the 3 panels (Offers, Rules, Messages), that our addon adds to the WCFM dashboard.


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