Naturix – Organic Store Woocommerce Theme with Drag n Drop Page Builder


Just shake the market of organic food by your quality products along with expert support of Naturix. If you are also willing to provide nutritious food items to the society and wanted to attract maximum customers then visit Naturix for once.

Naturix is specifically designed for Organic Stores, Food market, Online food platforms, and various other natural items. It is a unique platform comes with 4 home pages and many inner pages.

Naturix WordPress version is built with advanced technologies like-Bootstrap v3 and completely tested with WordPress 5.x and Woocommerce. It is independent of platform and highly compatible with all modern browsers and devices like mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, etc. Hence it is fully responsive.

It provides you the best user-friendly experience. The coding is very clean and valid as well as easy to understand. Naturix never uses arcane functions for designing. The theme features and its various options give you an amazing opportunity to interact with your customers and get maximum profit in minimum investment.

Organic food- Organic foods are believed to be safer and healthy as compared to the conventional ones, and it has all natural nutrients, As the global environment is changing over a decade and several new diseases are witnessed these days. The nutrition value of food items is continuously decreasing. due to all such complications, people are switching towards organic foods.

Organic food consists of at least 95% natural ingredients, which are vital for a healthy life. The word “Organic” means such food items which come directly from the plants and animals grown or bred without use of any external chemicals or artificial nutrients.

The organic food market is well established in recent past and growth is certain in this sector in the upcoming years. The lifestyles of the people are changing as the population of literate people are increasing all over the globe; people are getting more conscious about their health. The educated class is now more aware of the health and only choose healthy food

Along with commercial benefit, the organic food market is also a service towards society. If you are also dreaming of something nonconventional then Naturix is at your disposal with expert services.

Organic products—

Organic word is not only associated with food anymore. As the organic industry is moving ahead in the path of growth several other products like- organic textiles and organic cosmetics—are becoming more popular among people globally. Though the price of organic products is slightly higher than regular ones, their safety, healthiness, and natural origins motivate people to pay for quality.

Why you should prefer Naturix over others?

  • Naturix provides 4 unique specifically designed for organic food
  • The drag and drop page builder is very easy to customize according to your need.
  • The one click demo of Naturix is quite impressive and unique.
  • It gives options of wide and boxed mode.
  • It is specifically designed for the needs of organic stores, food markets, online food space, natural items, etc.
  • It provides numerous inner page options for your unique needs.
  • It is fully responsive.
  • The two shop listing pages of Naturix provides you an additional option. You can select the listing style of your own choice.
  • The pages here are fully customized
  • The best part of Naturix is that it provides PSD worth $12 for free.
  • It is based on 1170 px Bootstrap grid.
  • The templates are clean and unique.
  • My account page on the Naturix enables you to create your impressive profile and get updated of all notifications.
  • The blog pages of Naturix are quite immersive.
  • The elite support team of Naturix provides dedicated support to all the clients.
  • The high-quality landing pages provided by Naturix are very imperative.
  • Naturix provides highly customized pages for better representation of your idea.

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