C2-C3 Bundle Sale – 20 Games


Get 20 awesome games made with construct 2 and construct 3 at 60% discount.

Game already being sold here.

1.      Wheel 2 Decide

2.      I-ching Daily Hexagram

3.      C2 Merry XMAS & Happy New Year

4.      C2 Memory Matrix

5.      C2 Traffic Lights

6.      C2 Egg-N-Pot

7.      WIn Or Treat

8.      C2 E-Learning Flip Cards

9.      C2 Basketball Practice

10.  C2 Fun Scripts: Guess My Age

11.  C2 Fun Scripts : Mind Reader

12.  C2 High Low Game With Cheats

13.  C2 Realistic Dices with a Free Game

14.  C2 Horse & Rider Template

15.  C2 Kids Counting Game

16.  c2 Word Guessing Game

17.  C2 Unscramble HTML5 Game

18.  Kids Half Matching Game

19.  C2 Flashcard Machine

20.  C2 Quiz Starter Template for HTML Games

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