WooCommerce WebAR (Augmented Reality) Product


Allow customers to inspect products from all angles by uploading 3D model photographs. Buyers can also utilize the camera on their smartphone to explore products in real-life settings utilizing Web-based AR technology.

Features of WooCommerce WebAR(Augmented Reality) Product

  • For the products page, the admin can submit WebAR pictures for Android and iOS individually.
  • Allows the admin to include 3D models in the product.
  • Customers can also shop for products in 3D view with this module.
  • You can add product images to your online store with the WooCommerce WebAR (Augmented Reality) Product.
  • The admin can use this module to upload a 3D product image for the online store.
  • For Android and iOS, the admin can upload GLB and USDZ files, accordingly.
  • Customers can view the product in a 3D view with the help of this plugin.
  • The product image will be seen if we do not submit GLB and USDZ image files.
  • Ask your hosting provider to increase the upload size limit if your GLB and USDZ files are huge. So that huge GLB and USDZ files can be uploaded.

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