WooCommerce Ajax Cart & Added To Cart Popup – Floating/Sliding/Popup All in One Cart/Checkout Plugin


Ultimate WooCommerce Ajax Cart is a premium extension for WooCommerce that displays fancy Cart on different locations of your eCommerce store. It will allow your customers to quickly view the products that they have added to their cart list. This can make your WooCommerce powered online store more effective as your customers will be able to update or remove any products that they have selected without having a cart page. Moreover, the extension also automatically calculates the total amount of price for the products that you have entered on your cart along with the currently running coupon codes on your webshop.

Key Features Available

  • 3 Different Layouts to Display Cart Contents
    • Floating: Displays Your Cart Items As a Floating Tab
    • Slide-In: Displays Your Cart Items With A Slide In Animation Effects
    • Popup: Displays Your Cart Items in a Stunning Popup Layout
  • 6 Different Positions to Display Cart
    • Left Top
    • Left Middle
    • Left Bottom
    • Right Top
    • Right Middle
    • Right Bottom
  • 11 Cart Button Shapes with Custom Shadow
    • Circle
    • Square
    • Rounded
    • Star
    • Hexagon
    • Triangle
    • Rhombus
    • Rabbet
    • Pentagon
    • Oval
    • Animating Blob
  • Show/Hide Background Overlay While Displaying Cart Panel
  • Glass Cart Layout: Transparent Cart Design
  • 3 Different Shapes of the Cart
    • Round
    • Square
    • Rounded Square
  • 2 Different Product Layouts Display Cart Items
    • Grid
    • List
  • Various Animations
    • Cart Entrance Animations
    • Cart Exit Animations
    • Cart Hover Animations
    • Cart Idle State Animations
  • Suggested Item Settings:
    • Display Cross Sell Products, Up-Sell Products, or Related Products for Cross Promotion and to Increase Productivity as a Carousel or Grid.
    • Set Number of Items to Display
    • Set Number of Visible Items
    • Slider Autoplay Option
    • Enable/Disable Pause Slider on Hover
    • Enable/Disable Dots, Arrows, or both in the Slider
  • Coupon Settings
    • Display All Active Coupon Codes or Selective Codes in Various Designs
    • Apply Coupon Code without Refreshing the Page
  • Display Settings
    • Show/Hide Shopping Cart on Mobile
    • Show/Hide Shopping Cart on Desktop
    • Show/Hide Shopping Cart on Specific Page, Post, Library, Products
  • Customization Options
    • Advanced Typography Option
    • Color Picker to Choose Most Suitable Color

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