Ultra Charging Animation – Ultra Charging 3D Animation – 4D Charge Animate – Theme Art App – Charge


Ultra Charging Animation – Ultra Charging 3D Animation – 4D Charge Animate – Theme Art App – Charge

☀Charging animation shows various animations on your phone screen when you plug in your charger. ☀

The charging animation app is unique from other battery animation apps. Charging animation sets a battery wallpaper when you put phone on charging. Live charging animation enables you to stand out from your friends by using beautiful and cool charging animation on your phone screen. It shows a charging animation when you enable it from the settings. Personalisation of live charging animation creates a unique effect on users. To minimize the charging animation, you simply have to double-tap on the screen. If you are not using it, you can disable charging animation from settings. The best part of the battery wallpaper is it comes with battery info.

Charging animation offers your custom battery charging screen and cool animation graphics while your phone is connected to the charger. There is no need to open the charging app manually. Unique charging animation app automatically displays the animation on your mobile phone screen. Charging animation screen comes with a simple and user-friendly interface. With the help of this cool battery wallpaper, you can select video animation from your mobile phone gallery and set it on the charging screen.

Unique charging animation app provides multiple charging animations. Charging animation screen is compatible with all android devices and no need to check battery percentage again and again. This live charging animation allows the app owners to see the percentage of battery life left in the device.


Enable the Charging Animation app from your mobile settings to show a custom charging animation screen and allow it to be shown on your lock screen. Set customizable battery animation screen by choosing from multiple custom options and get a custom battery wallpaper on your phone. You can choose an image from the gallery and set it on lock-screen. Attractive light and dark themes are also implemented in this charging animations app. Personalisation adds an essence to your battery wallpaper.


Use multiple color charging animation theme and live charging animations for your phone screen to make it look beautiful. One of the kind charging animation in which, you can select your favorite battery animation and set it on your phone screen to make your screen look elegant. Choose from multiple charging animation and neon effect colors from app settings. These animations make your screen look awesome when you plug in your charger.


One of the unique features of our charging play application is that it provides you with the option to set alarms when the battery is fully charged. You can either choose the default tone for the alarm or choose from various other tone options. In this quick power charger app, the low battery warning light will alert when battery charging is required. The alarm feature helps you to avoid overcharge, save battery and electricity which is innovative and really useful.


Our Charging Animation app comes with the feature of battery information. You can easily get full battery details like battery type, health, capacity, battery life, and battery temperature. Unique battery saver app also enables you to identify the charger type of your device, after you plug in your charger. This battery info feature of the charging animation app is free and you can get all information with just one click.


• Live charging animation • Set alarm with one-click • Customizable charging screen • Lock screen charging animation • Charging Animation/Battery wallpaper


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