Six Pack Abs Home Workout – Home Workout – No Equipment – Healthy Workout at Home – Aware to Health


Six Pack Abs Home Workout – Home Workout – No Equipment – Healthy Workout at Home – Aware to Health

his is an app that is built to provide you with lots of exercises and quality videos and detailed instructions for you to enjoy your home workouts and get fit. Home workout for men is designed to train your core abs and contains workouts to train specific muscle groups and every muscle group consists of 3 difficulty levels (“easy”, “intermediate”, “hard”). You can train: *Arms, this muscle group includes burpees , push up , buzz saw planks , triceps dip diamond push ups and etc. *Chest this group includes reverse crunches, burpee , cobra , triceps on floor and etc. *Legs this group includes wall sit, calf raises , squat , fire hydrant , side lunges , squat , bridge and etc. *Six Pack and abs workout this group includes cross arm crunches , plank , scissors , bicycle crunches ,mountain climber and etc. *Butt this group includes plank with leg lifts , pile squats , squat and etc. All the home workouts that are mentioned above have quality video and text instructions. You can also check which muscle groups you trained and for how long in the “Calendar” screen. Key features of home workout ejercicios and abs & weight loss app for men are following

  • No equipment required
  • Easy to use interface
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Workout Videos
  • Workout Voice Guide
  • Background Music for Exercises Using men fitness app to train Six Pack Abs Ejercicios for men you can achieve your fitness goals and build a desired body. All the exercises have quality text and necessary graphics. We have added Background Music And Sounds to exercises to improve quality of your workouts. Also app consist of 28 day abs workout challenge which can help you get your desired abs.

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