Shan Koe Mee Multiplayer


Shan Koe Mee is one of the famous card games in Myanmar, easy to play, quickly paying out and very excitement .  There are 52 cards in the card. A to K of spade, heart, diamond and club. Its minimum 2 player to maximum 6 players.  Player and Banker can play at the one table .

At the beginning of the game, dealer has to put the certain amount in the bank. Once the dealer put money in the bank, he can’t take them back from the back nor he can’t put more money in the bank until he is done as the dealer.  If there is no money in the bank, the dealer has to shift. One of the players become the dealer on the next round. If the dealer has 3 times the amount of the original bank amount, he can call 3 last rounds. We usually call it 1st, 2nd and 3rd warning.  After the 3rd warning, the another player become the dealer.


  • 2 to 6 player in the room
  • Create room via admin panel
  • Player and Banker
  • Auto play if you loss internet connection
  • Real Time Multiplayer
  • Maximum points wins the game.
  • Node.JS Server
  • MongoDB database
  • Framework
  • Node.Js/HTML Admin Panel
  • Unity3d
  • Android /iOS
  • Digitalocean powerfull server
  • aaPanel Open source Control Panel
  • aaPanel with PM2 Manager
  • Full Video Documentation Available

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