James Walker, the lone pilot of the spaceship “Lone Star,” was flying low over a hostile desert planet in search of a new home. Suddenly, he was attacked by a hostile extraterrestrial race who wanted to seize control of his ship. With only himself on board, James must navigate through the dangerous terrain and dodge enemy missiles while fighting off hostile creatures. He must use his skills and quick thinking to outmaneuver his attackers and survive in the harsh environment. But as James continues his journey, he uncovers a sinister plot by the aliens and realizes that his struggle for survival is only the beginning of a larger battle for the fate of the planet. Can James save himself and the planet from the clutches of the hostile extraterrestrial forces?


• Full game ready to be included on your website

• Resolution full HD 1920px × 1080px

• Touch mobile, keyboard

• Best scoring

• One-Touch

• Procedural difficulty

Framework • Compatible with Construct 3

• Easy to add or reskin images and sounds

• Through C3 you can easily generate a mobile app

• AdMob Supported (not included in code)

• Developed on Construct 3 personal license

Files included

✓ Source code (editable .capx and .c3p files)

✓ HTML5 folder (compatible with all popular browsers)

✓ PNG graphics,

✓ Documentation (help file)

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