Plane Crash! – follow the line game 2.0


Plane Crash! is an addictive native Android Game Template. The user has to control the plane and collect as many stars as he can, while avoiding a collision with the walls. The game is a ‘Flappy Bird’ style infinite game, so it will go on and on until the plane collides. The position of the stars and the ‘blue line’ can both be easily changed. A narrated Video Tutorial is included which explains the customisation process. The template is written natively in Java using Android Studio. All the background components (framework) are nicely separated in another package called NUDGE. This makes it easier for you to focus only on the important code.


  1. Includes interstitial and Banner Google Play Services Ads – Make money from Ads easily.
  2. All Graphics included – All sprites are also in .ai (illustrator) format
  3. Google Play Achievements – 6 Google Play Achievements can be unlocked.
  4. Video Tutorial Included – A video tutorial is included for a quick start.
  5. Google Play Leaderboard – The game saves the Top Score on the user’s Device and when there’s an internet connection this is uploaded to the leaderboard.
  6. Share on Facebook and others – Lets user choose where he wishes to share his game screenshot.
  7. Restart Feature – Player can restart game after game over.
  8. Rate Feature – The app asks the player to rate the app after 5 games are played to make it easier for players to give you a good rating.
  9. Very easy to customize – Most of the code you need to customise is in one xml file, Strings.xml.
  10. Pause Feature – Player can pause the game at any time by pressing the back button.
  11. Sound Fx and music – Just replace the placeholder sound fx and music to have music play in the background
  12. Facebook page like – The user can choose to like your facebook page from the app.
  13. In-App Purchase – The user can upgrade to premium to remove ads. To use this feature an extended license is required.
  14. Infinite Gameplay – The game goes on forever until the plan hits the walls.
  15. 3 Planes – The user can unlock 3 different planes

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