Phone Tracker (IOS Version) – Realtime Gps Live Tracking of Phones/Contacts , Lost Phones WorldWide


Phone Tracker (IOS Version) – Live Tracking of Phones/Contacts/Users WorldWide + Live Tracking of Lost/Stolen Phones… [Real-Time Live GPS Tracking] – Full System is Made with Realtime Live GPS and work all over the world

users can track/locate Friends/Vehicles/Buses/Close-Ones/family-members/lost Phones/Childs in Realtime Live inside the app..It is very secure and 100% accurate. …
A background location feature runs in iphone after turning on the location sharing mode inside the app. A single user can track his all family members/Friends/workers/employees /vehicles/closed ones/ lost phones Realtime live locations all the time with this app , at the same time. Users can track each others realtime live locations all the time using this app.

How this app works?

1. All Users have to signup first with their email, password and pin

2. Users have to add contacts, Contacts must be this app users, means contacts/users have to signup to this app with their email, password and pin then users of this app platform can add each other in their contacts.

3. Now if an user wants to track other users , he/she needs to add them first in his contacts list with their registered email and pin of this platform.
4. After adding contacts/other users with their email and pin, An user can track them realtime live if their location sharing mode is ON.
5. Without other users/contacts email and pin , an user can not add them in his contact list, so for tracking, an user have to add contacts first then if those contacts sharing their locations (location sharing turned ON) user can see them in realtime live.
6. You can set subscriptions like a user can track 3 other users in free and if he/she wants to track more users he/she needs to go with paid subscriptions

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