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Expenses Manager is a user-friendly, finance management app which allows you to keep track of your transactions seamlessly and intuitively.

if you are that kind of person who need help in managing your finances and you are thinking about having a budgeting app then Expense Manager will be a best option for you. Expense manager is money tracking app which manages your consumer records direct on your Android.

Manage your money, track your expenses and organize your savings with ease by taking advantage of some of the great features that this application provides:

App Features:

  • * Elegant App UI
  • * easy to use, clean and intuitive expense & income tracker
  • * Admob Ads
  • * Income Management.
  • * Expense Management.
  • * Currency Conversion.
  • * Loan Eligibility Calculator.
  • * Tax Calculator.
  • * Loan Comparison Calculator.
  • * Interest Calculator.
  • * EMI Calculator.
  • * Fixed Deposit Calculator (FD).
  • * Recurring Deposit Calculator (RD).
  • * Equity Linked Savings.
  • * PPF Account.
  • * Systematic Investment Planning (SIP).
  • * Systematic Withdraw Planning (SWP).
  • * Lump-Sum Money Calculator.
  • * Money Manager

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