Induscity – Factory & Manufacturing HubSpot Theme


Induscity is the best HubSpot Theme specifically made for some sectors like industry, Factories, Construction, Engineering, Machinery Business, Commodity Business, Power, Rail Business, Airplane, Ship Business, Oil & Gas Business, Petroleum websites. Not only for big sectors you can also use Induscity for your startup..

List of modules Used:

  1. Slider One
  2. Brand Carousel
  3. Contact Box One
  4. Contact Box Two
  5. Contact Form One
  6. Counter
  7. SimpleImage
  8. Image Box One
  9. Image Box Two
  10. List Item One
  11. List Item Two
  12. Menu item
  13. News Type One
  14. Our Team Type One
  15. Page Header
  16. Service Two
  17. Project Information
  18. Service Carousel
  19. Service Grid
  20. Testimonial One
  21. Service Listing
  22. Theme Button
  23. History Time line
  24. Title
  25. Awards
  26. Brochures
  27. Customer Help One
  28. Quick Contact
  29. Simple Image Carouse
  30. Why Choose Us
  31. WorK Process

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