Hunter Penguin (admin ads-Unity Game)


It is a 2D game developed using the unity engine and mostly programmed for Android devices, and it is a cartoon character called Hunter Penguin trying to hunt the penguin with the bombs available to it and is designed with great graphics and attractive backgrounds and sounds and beautiful music and contains physics and simple rules to play, It brings fun, challenge and enthusiasm and contains different stages and styles.

Features :

image 54

Scenes 27

Various stages of the game from the easiest to the most difficult 19

sounds effects Attractive 12

Background music

Animation 24

animator 9

Material 14

background 10

Scripts 21

Plugging for ads

Characters 3

Attractively buttons

Script comments

Win Dialogue

loss Dialogue

Star animation

levels of the game are closed

Counter for points

Store the results in memory

Responsive wallpaper for all Smartphone’s

Consistent GUI for all screens

Dynamic background

character tracking camera

Quick response when communicating

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