Guess The Character Construct 3 HTML5 Word Puzzle Game + 50 Levels + InApp Purchase + Admob Ads


This game has 50 levels and in each one, a picture of an animal character is given to you. The picture has many missing pieces and you have to write the animals name using the letters given at the bottom of the screen. Each picture has many missing pieces and so it is not easy to guess the character’s name, but the number of letters in its name is shown and you have also 4 ways to get help. First, you can spend some coin to remove a letter from the pol of letter at the bottom of the screen. Second, you can use the coins to write a letter in its place. Third, can reveal some missing pieces of the picture by spending some coin. Fourth and last, you can share the picture with your friend and maybe they can help you! And of course, you will earn coins by completing levels or purchasing it from the shop. It’s not easy to complete all 50 levels, so let’s see if you are smart enough!!!


  • Made with Construct 3 Game Engine.
  • 50 unique levels.
  • Easy to customize and modify.
  • Cartoon graphics.
  • Share feature.
  • Rate System
  • 3 different kinds of hint.
  • Shop with IAP .
  • Ads support(Admob banner, interstitial, reward).
  • Document included.

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