Firebase Quiz Android App Using Kotlin


Firebase Quiz App uses Google’s firebase for managing the tests, results and authentication. Quiz app lets you see the leaderboard after successful completion of tests. Quiz app uses firebase-storage feature to save user profile images. Upload quizzes being created by admin in JSON stracture.


  • Beautiful uiApp is implemented with material design.Material is an adaptable system of guidelines, components, and tools that support the best practices of user interface design
  • Fully Responsive and easy to useThis Android Native Project is developed with fully customizable code. You can easily modify app.
  • Firebase email authenticationUser signup and login is implemenented using firebase email authentication.
  • Category & Subcategory wise quizzesYou can add several categories & subcategories for quiz.
  • Timer bound testsYou can set custom time for quiz question for that you need to set time in json file.
  • Leaderboard after successful completion of testAfter take a quiz , user can see their total attempted right answers.
  • Also, user can see detailed solution after taking testThere is result page which display user selected correct and wrong answer with their solution.
  • Check history of all previously attempted quizzesAn app contains history of all quizzes which is previously attempted by users
  • Add/Remove Questions to Bookmarked Question ListUser can add or remove any questions to bookmarked questions list page.
  • Share Questions to your friendsUser can share question and its option to their friends via social media.
  • Track all user’s progress and rankDashboard fragment display all users progress with their percentage, attempted right/wrong answer, etc.
  • Admob IntegrationImplement admob advertizement in the app
  • Download Sample APKDownload Now

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