Fintech Loan App


This is a Complete Loan App. The Loan App allows users to sign up for a loan, manage previous loans, pay their outstanding loans, link their bank accounts & debit/credit cards, access to multiple loan services, repay their loans with a click of a button using cards already linked to their accounts, and more. This app can be customized to fit any particular use-case.


1. Request Loan

2. Multiple Loan Services e.g Airtime Loan, Utility Loan etc

3. Link Debit/Credit Cards

4. Payment Gateway Integration e.g Flutterwave, Paystack

5. Verify Bank Accounts

6. Manage Loan History

7. Manage Transaction History

8. Manage user Bio-data/Account Details

7. Resolve Bank Account Name

8. Notifications

9. One Time Password Verification

10. User Verification and more

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