Edukida – 9 Unity Point to Point Kids Games With Admob in 1 Bundle For Android and iOS


This bundle includes 9 point to point (or connect the dots) games in which kids will have to connect the dots in their correct order based on the numbers and complete the final shape. These shapes include various animals, vehicles and other objects and so can both entertain kids and teach them new things and words. All games are made with Unity engine and are easily customizable. Here is a list of these games:


  • Made with Unity engine.
  • Admob integrated(Banner, interstitial)
  • Easy to customize and modify.
  • Compatible with most mobile devices.
  • Document included.
  • Cross Platform(iOS, Android)
  • Suitable for preschoolers.
  • Support 64bit IL2CPP
  • Export to Android App Bundle(AAB)
  • Educational game.

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