Delaware – Consulting Business HubSpot Theme


Delaware is a corporate HubSpot theme dedicated to startups, consultancy businesses and companies operating in the finance, legal, accounting or insurance industries. It offers everything you need to build an online profile for your business including portfolio pages, service page, service detail, blog page, blog details, etc.

List of modules Used:

  1. About Us type One
  2. About Us type two
  3. Adds
  4. Analysis
  5. Banner
  6. Call Back
  7. Contact Address
  8. Contact Form One
  9. Contact Form Two
  10. Counter
  11. Custom Image
  12. Download Brochures
  13. List Items
  14. Navigation
  15. News Type One
  16. Our Cases Type One
  17. Our Cases Type Two
  18. Page Header
  19. Process
  20. Progress Bar
  21. Quote Box
  22. Service Plans
  23. Service Type one
  24. Service Type Two
  25. Service Type Three
  26. Social Media
  27. Tab Type One
  28. Tab Type Two
  29. Testimonial
  30. Title
  31. Video Image

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