BoxKid – HTML5 Puzzle Game


BoxKid is a simple puzzle game. Push boxes or crates into target point or goals to complete a level, there are built-in 70-levels with different difficulty. You can extend or create your own level design using “Level Editor”, so, make a level or design a game level will be quick and easy.

Main Features:

  • Level Editor, you can edit existing level or create a new level as much as you want.
  • AdMob, Admob ads are integrated, just change a little bit events to make it live (Only C3 version).
  • Built-in 70 levels.
  • Game Controls, there is 4 different game control type, Keyboard (Arrow key), Swipe (Touch), Control button left and right.
    • HD 720×1280
    • Sound and music
    • Easy to modify
    • Undo moves
    • Localstorage to save unlocked levels

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