Android Face Yoga Excersies – 21 days (home workout) app


This app provides face yoga for cheeks, eyes, glowing skin, fat loss & anti aging. Face yoga is a series of facial exercises that tighten and strengthen the facial muscles. By stimulating the blood cells it helps to increase the blood circulation to the skin. Your skin will glow as well. Doing facial exercises daily will help you get a younger appearance. Like yoga stretches body muscles, face yoga stretches face muscles, it increases elasticity and reduces signs of ageing, like wrinkles.
✪✪✪✪ Features of Face Yoga Excersies – 21 days ✪✪✪

1. 21 day routine for face yoga excercise

2. Step by step procedure

3. Face yoga for cheeks

4. Suitable for everyone, beginners, men, women, teens and seniors

5. Records daily progress automatically

6. Face yoga for cheeks

7. Face yoga for Eyes

8. Android 11 Suported

9. Admob Ads Integration

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