AI Writer for IOS – AI Content Writer based on ChatGPT GPT 3.5 and OpenAI | IOS Swift Full Applicati


We’re using OpenAI’s ChatGPT GPT 3.5 turbo model to create AI content. It’s way cheaper than the Davinci model – only $0.002 per 1k tokens (which is around 750 words).


  • Write like Experts – Generate professional content with in a few seconds!
  • Share – Share with your friends!
  • Ads – This app is monetize with Google ads, which would increase your monthly income.
  • Auto Renewable Subscription  – unlocks unlimited writes and removes ads
  • Generate AI Content in seconds
  • Manage and Share your Content
  • Uses Open AI Latest GPT 3.5 (Official chatGPT)
  • 10x cheaper than the davinci model
  • Daily Limits for Free Users

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