On Demand Online Ambulance/Taxi/Bike React Native Application


Ambulance plays a very crucial role when an accident occurs on the road network or in case of any medical emergency and the need arises to save a human life. Manual booking of an ambulance at times of emergency can take away precious time as it is a time-consuming process. Furthermore, the delay caused due to the heavy traffic congestion in between the pickup spot and the hospital facility may increase the risk of death for the victim. The system proposed here will help the users book an ambulance easily in an instant..

Ambifast On-Demand Ambulance app connects the users to the nearest ambulance service providers. Customer can book an ambulance through a mobile app and track their ambulance, get estimated fare to reach, multiple payments, etc. They need to pickup and drop location or pin and then directly go for booking. The nearest driver accepts the request. After picking you up, they drop you at the required location, and fares deduct from your preferred means of payment.

This project involves building an android application on Ambulance Service using REACT NATIVE. The main aim of using “react native” is to make the application available both for ANDROID as well as IOS devices as it is a cross platform software.

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